Scott Macaluso

Digital Marketing Director



About Scott

My first year as a Digital Marketing Director was so successful that management doubled their budgets for online adverting. The year following, budgets were increased 400%. My current budgets exceed 2 million annually.

Facebook has written success stories about my strategies and invited me to speak at their headquarters. I consistently create explosively viral social campaigns that generate brand awareness, then use drip-marketing automation to turn curiosity into sales and customers into brand advocates.



Skills & Abilities

Facebook Marketing

First I research your core demographic and product. Then I scour the web for content that your customers love. Every day I'll create posts that integrate your brand with amazing pictures, videos and stories that are so good they will share it... and your brand along with them.

Facebook Advertising

I've spent literally millions with Facebook on advertising, and a typical return is 3x-10x ROI. I can create ads for your product that are laser-targeted to people so specific that they will not only respond to the ad, they'll like it and share it with their friends.

Google Adwords

I can create ads that appear anywhere on the web, following your customers wherever they go. Search marketing will bring in customers. Re-targeting will bring customers back.

Email Marketing

I currently manage email campaigns for over a million people worldwide. I can work with you to design custom emails that can send periodically, or intelligently. If a customer purchased one item, the system can remember that and send them an eblast automatically when a similar product is added. We can even send a discount code to users with abandoned carts.

Project Management

I’ve done just about every job in this industry personally, which makes me a very effective manager. Do you have a current designer or programmer that’s giving you the run-around? I can make sure they’re operating at peak efficiency and completely honest about hours and costs.

Graphic & Web Design

I've been a Photoshop ninja for 15 years. I create artwork for product packaging, photo-realistic mockups, airbrushing and color-correction, you name it. I've designed over a hundred websites, including this one which uses WordPress, HTML 5.0 and is fully responsive across all devices.



Projects & Clients

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